News? What's That?

At exactly 8 pm, when I was busy searching for newly released Project Runway, Gossip Girl, Greys Anatomy (I call Greys Anatomy crap now!) I overheard 8 pm news on the small tv from the kitchen.

There were nobody at the kitchen, as everyone including the folks were cuddling (cuddling?!) at the tv room in front eyes glazed over National Geographic Deadly Snakes in India or something sounds like that.

The news were talking about some shortage on cooking oil, which happened to shake everyone whom appeared in the news.
People were emotional, shaking their heads, and even getting angry at other people.
Everybody seemed like a real policemen, with the investigations, assumptions, and possibilities.

And at approximately 8.30 only, they changed the issue!

Lama kan, orang Malaysia cakap pasal harga minyak masak mungkin naik.
In fact, they spent half an hour on the prime time news.

Call me ignorant, but I stick to my Sex and the City and I don't care to turn my head at the screaming small tv from the kitchen.

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