Scary Stranger

The story happened when I was walking down the stairs yesterday, with my gym bag, alone, heading to bf's car.
The destination : the pool, for a good undisturbed laps (hehe) which has been the highlight of every Friday.

When suddenly a lady (I assume she is Rakan Masjid, judging from her.. uhmm..ohh you can guess she's one!) stopped me and asked
'Kenapa nampak sangat sedih..?' she asked.
'Huh?' Seriuosly. I didn't get what she said.
'Your face. You look so sad'
'Eh taklah.. I look like this all the time.' Which is very true. Agree?

Then she stepped on my way which I believe she did that (purposely) to block me from running away.
I pulled down my shades to be polite and look at this unbelievable strange person in front of me.

'You know if you have problem you can tell me'
Uninvited hand (hers) was placed on my shoulder.

Which part of me you don't understand, dear love?

'No saya betul-betul tak ada masalah. Why you are so certain and so sure that I do? If you want to get into me talking about my subconscious-complicated emotion, subconscious-boyfriend's problem or my (obvious) iman disabilities, which you want to believe I have, then do me a favour okay?
Please be less creepy next time you approach a stranger's soul'

Well, that little speech were not verbally mentioned, by the way.

Instead, I said 'No I tak ada masalah and I'm not sad' and left.

I do have issue with strangers. Ohh yes I do!

6 nosy parkers:

babyish_angel said...

eii scary nye chin..kalau i jadi u sure i buat muka hehe confirm die xnak approach i dh..tah pape laa dieorg ni kan..nasib baik i dh grad ;p

Haneysa said...

hmm tu la. i pun takut jugak ntah2 i sebenarnye sedih dalam hati without knowing.
and maybe i need some stranger point of view to tell that to my face.

natasha using some1 else's computer said...

i get that a lot.. not a lot of scary strangers (hmm maybe a few).. but the comment about how my face has a sad look to it.. i'm not sad (ok, just sometimes). tp ni la dia muka neutral, i was born with this forlorn look. however, i do appreciate friends who are concerned. not those feigned concern, but the genuine ones. as for strangers.. u can bug off. so haneysa.. i dun think u r sad inside ke ape. hmm... anyway, u & only u knows what lies beneath that expression. smile & be happy. oOps.. knowing u, gotta change that.. serious & be happy. hehehe.

twisted-lullaby said...

scarry gileeee! i can imagine ur face time tu! heheh

alia detsiwt said...

ok horror.

Haneysa said...

horror everytime i jumpe perempuan tu i sure tunduk muke.