Calling All Redheads

Im home, btw.
And were just stepped in the house from one-each-regular-dominoes at Nat's. First we bought one regular to be shared, of course. Then upon to see the regular is actually quite tiny to our monstrous appetite, we did order another one.
To quote Natasha - 'Ni kena makan slow-slow so nanti tak kenyang pulak'
Hmm regular each tu, remember.

Oh, oh.
I finally put some color to my hair my hair.
"You nak color apa? I recommend for first timer and your skin color, brown is okay"
"But brown is boring. I want something obvious, something shouts 'this cost my chubby arm and my short leg!!' "

Red. I want red.
Bold choice. At least that's what I interpret from her expression.

Ok now I think,
I think, I look like singa.

4 nosy parkers:

alia detsiwt said...

chubby arm and short leg? 2 things u never ever know the feeling to be stuck with... sial. terasa.
aaarrghhh~!!! kill kill die die~!!

Haneysa said...

u are not the only one who suffer from this chubby arm plus short leg illness.
there are many more, whom i can't mentioned here.

alia detsiwt said...

ahahahahha anyone but YOU!

twisted-lullaby said...

i cant wait to see ur singa-like hair.