So You Vote?

It's the voting season again. Not that really brings sweet memories to me, since my memory of Voting Day were not very strong and happy. Usually I (and my sister) were abandoned at nenek's house when the parents need to cast. Man! being left behind (we are so not used to be apart from parents) was tearful and painful. I remember chasing my dad's car just because I can't follow them to the polling station. Well, I was a lot more emotional back then.

Now that I'm 23, and registered, I can cast vote on my own.
How cool.

Well, politics are not my very best interest, so I proclaimed. But silently I do peek and glance on the Internet and making a mind travelling on my own. But so far, I succeed in making my opinion as invisible as I can. But no, not today. Today is the unfortunate day you reader have to bear with my ramblings about politics.

If people say they hate politics, I assumed it's funny. Unavoidable and everywhere, politics mingled with our lives. Office politics (you tell me) family politics, and even politics among friends. We gang up, we support, we lead, we blame, we lobby, oh yes, a lot of time we play dirty as well. We are so used to it, that we may not notice it before.

One thing I learn, don't indigneously believe everything you hear and see.
Pictures lie, rumors can be facts when you say it is, and even your heart lies sometimes, remember?

Almost everything, if we are able to look at every sides (not only two sides, yes?) and leave the frantic exploding feelings aside, everything should be okay and alright. In God's willing, of course.
After all, we are the smartest person to pick our own lanes.
And we are the one who shall walk on them.

p/s I saw the PAS signage 'Don't be fooled by Bee End' at Taman Maju traffic light junction.
Not cool man, not cool. *geleng kepala*

6 nosy parkers:

babyish_angel said...

hahaha bee end?seriously??kelakar gile ok!wht are they?5 years old?

p/s:miss u babe!next week i dtg kl for 4 days..lets meet up and bonding2 ;)

Haneysa said...

byk lagi kelakar2 rase mcm nak amik gambar and letak sini. (hoih jgn lebih2 sgt nnt ade supporter PAS marah)

nnt i amik gamba and letak sini.
and btw, i tak balik la weekend u kat kl tu. i kene jumpe SUPERVISOR(!) hari jumaat. Grrrrrrr...

p/s I love u.

alia detsiwt said...

you are one difficult child. ade ke parents nak pegi undi pun u nak kejar?? *geleng kepala*


its good to know u have registered. i have not. but i wouldnt go a-voting even if i have.

politics is child's play in the adult world.

Haneysa said...

well i nak pegi.tapi kalau q panjang and panas(peluh-peluh), i balik lah.

it's the 'will-to-go' that counts!

alia detsiwt said...

ok lah if thats so, i pun nak vote but i've yet to register. ngehehehehe...

ps. i mis taman maju. dont know y.

Haneysa said...

taman maju dah literally maju sekarang. besides ade 7e, traffic light every 300meters, and ade boutique ala-ala topshop(not).