No you are not in the wrong page.

I just edit the layout. (not very sure what I was doing actually)
Did you know all the designer blogspot skin is very much unlike me. So I resort to this classic template.

When complete, I thought the page is bloated with words, that they might scare away some people I know. So I decide to put some pretty good pictures, just to put on colors (and reminisce good times - that one too, of course). To Azra, I could not find any pictures of us, when I do, sure your little-doctor-face will be up there love!

Purposely there is no face of the bf on sight. I'm just not sure I should, because he's quite reserved(have re-check this fact with him later!) and hate cameras like no other. Basically what I am trying to say here, no good-updated photos of us. Yet!

Enjoy (or not, whatever) the new skin!

5 nosy parkers:

afifa said...

CHANGE IT!mcm blog politician

Tinger said...

lol i agree with afifa! i prefer the layout u had before :)

twisted-lullaby said...

chinn. seriously.

alia detsiwt said...

so uve changed it ever again

Haneysa said...

to fifa, yi ting, sara,
it's back. satisfy?

i listen to people and sometimes i hate that. hehe.