Loving and Caring

Zaza, not in the picture, doing what she does best, goes missing.

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Current mood - Loving and caring
Weather - Raining and cold
Craving -Vincci+ wedges which I cannot afford after close considerations
On the go - Craig David's Trust Me

I'm not in the mood to write much today. Back right here in UTP and it's raining as always.

Last Sunday Natasha, Fifa, Zaza and I crashed Pavilion and Bangsar for clothes hunt.
Zaza spend like millionaire. A committed shopper she is.
Fifa bought sandal to match her short pants
(yang macam seluar pendek sekolah Cina kalau I pakai).

Nat and I, who came all the way from Seremban, were left solely to suffer the balls of feet, all blames go to high heels.
Anyway, I had fun. The Delicious' chocolate cake and apple crumble are literally to die for.

On the other note, honestly, I tried very hard not to blurb my thoughts about the recent SPR12. No, not today.

Every time I want to voice out (in blog, because somehow your thoughts will be documented, and I hate that), I feel little and shallow.
Yes I do.

Jangan cakap buruk pasal orang lain sudah, kan?

2 nosy parkers:

nata got her groove back said...

hahaahaaahahahah... i'm elated. because i can go online again. yeahh.. after nearly 1 month. pheww...
lets go to delicious & celebrate. haha (not gonna happen anytime soon kot)
well, just wanted to say.. i had fun that day (painful feet & all). & u've got good bunch of ppl as friends. :)
that photo on top.. err.. tak masuk lah.
adios mi amor~

Haneysa said...

welcome back to the mighty Internet.

ye lets go delicious, again. aduui the warm-creamy-moist chocolate cake and the soft-chilled-vanilla ice cream.
menyesal tak lick the plate. hehe. ;p