Saturday, the 8th

We are on the mid semester break. Parents with other school kids would say oh lucky us! UTP's breaks is as the same as school break since 5 years back. Well, well.

Natasha & I were very excited to go for a swim, that I put on my swimsuit and she picked me up around 9 am. Only to realise that the pool is closed due to the Pilihanraya.

You know what frustrate me the most?
Is when you had put on the swimsuit and get your heart all giddy up.
Then the pool is closed.

Usually when this happens at UTP, I end up continuing my sleep till I forget how frustrated I was. But instead, I did the house laundry. Pile and baskets of laundry. Anything that has to do with water seems so therapeutic.

Hmm, Nat, next Monday we'll see how flat they are and how stretchy our *** are OK.

Am going for BBQ potluck at aunty's. Catch ya later alligator!

3 nosy parkers:

alia detsiwt said...

latest entry was baked for you and ate by me!

Haneysa said...

ow thats mean.

mane lah nak cari almost the same kit kat cheese cake kat tronoh ni....!

twisted-lullaby said...

catch ya later alligator?