Good Old Years

We, as in the bf and I (who else) were having lunch while having intense conversation. Well, the times we don' talk during meal are 1) on fight, 2) there's someone else present (my friends, my mother?) 3) we are very very hungry

He has been eyeing this Sony Vaio (sort of) computer plus huge LCD screen. I'm not very good at describing it, but somehow it's like the Sony version of Apple TV if I'm not mistaken.
So from Sony, to Apple, to short life span of laptop from pc, to my sister's bf, the conversation switched very quickly.

Me : Haah, my friends semua pun dah tukar laptop. By end of 5 years almost semua dah tukar laptop baru. (ops not all. one of them just get hers at the end of her study years). Such short life time lah agaknya laptop ni.

Then he went saying that his pc has served him a good five years too, despite his friends' computers who need replacement already.

Me : Pc I pun! Dah 5 tahun dah.

The bf : Ye lah, tapi awal2 dulu pc you banyak problem. Selalu kena format.

Me : Tu mula-mula... Sekarang dah 5 years, the problems fixed, dah stable and steady.

Just like our relationship!

Krukk krukk.

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twisted-lullaby said...

i cannot believe u said that to ur bf. so.. so... so you.