What If People Forget Your Name?

Ok this took place several days back. At V4 Cafe (long gone the bestest nasi tomato, girls).

Me : Ita! Ita!
I called her from far. But she did not look like she heard me.
So I tap her back.

Me : Ita! Poster dah confirm ke size Ao?
'Haney, nama kite bukan Ita la. Nama kita Zura.'
'Kecik hati tau'


Ok this one took place just one hour back. Went to Emel (is this how her name spelled?) house for some free laundry, since the ever loyal washing machine had been confiscated by Mr Meor (kemek-faced)
I entered the house, some EE people sort of having discussion when suddenly a girl shouted at me
'Eh kita dah pass report kat Najwa nanti ambil dari dia ye'
Me : Huh?
'Haaa.. report tu dah ada kat Najwa bla bla bla'
Me : Apa kena mengena I dangan Najwa? Najwa EE, no whatsoever connection with me.
So I stared at her with a smile on my face, waiting for her to realise she had mistaken me for someone else.

'Ehhhhh ehhhhh you bukan Fifah! Uh tersilap la. Ingat kan Fifah....!'

Me : Macamne boleh silap?? Hhahahah (forced gelak to break the tension) Fifah kan tak pakai tudung????

Tapi, for sure, I tak kecik hati pun.

6 nosy parkers:

babyish_angel said...

mcm mane die bleh mistaken u as ifa??soooooo x same..ehhe btw chin i dh bleh transfer video melaka kat laptop i..x sabar nk tunjuk kat korang nnt weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

afifa said...

i fifah..bt y didnt i know about any report??report ape i kena hanta ni?(aku dah selamat kt kl dah)

Haneysa said...

zu : weeee i nak video melaka (even dah lame gile tadelah excited sgt)

fa : fa u tido lpas i amik baju kat emmel. ntah ape yg ngantuk sgt i pun tak tau. tp i bagtau zaza. die tak risau pun?

afifa said...

amell la..ter emmel emmel

alia detsiwt said...

ahahahahahhahahah klakar sial.

i am in the office dying to gelak kuat2... warghhahahahahah...

twisted-lullaby said...

seriously which part u n ifa yg same? *curious*