Pre-Graduating Syndrome #2

It's weird how people can be so ignorant as simple as not parking their car appropriately in the invisible box. Thus causing other difficulties to park theirs.
It's weird when you ask the owner of a photography shop what time they open, and they settled with answer such as 'Tak tentu dik, kalau tak ada kerja buka awal lah'. Hm...
It's weird people self proclaimed they are fashion expert when they mis-match pieces finally come out so wrong and ugly. (oh yes they are!)
It's weird why you had spend bulk of time, effort and sweat on your project, but in the end you have all the problems in the world in front of you.
It's weird when you used to think that Coldplay Parachutes album was noise. But now you listen to them all over again and overwhelmed with complicated emotions.
It's weird when you can write something for others as fluid as water but when it comes to your own work, you got stuck at the third sentence for half an hour.

It's getting weirder when you were looking for Writer/Editorial work instead of civil or structural positions. Ironically I am the one who rejected the offer to pursue English 5 years back.

Am I doing the right/wrong thing?
Or is it just you always want things you could not have?
Or you could never know the answer to that?

4 nosy parkers:

MP3 e MP4 said...
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MeiYuan said...

you're not the only one feeling this way girl!

i'm still having the same confused state after graduating for 1 year haha! I guess we're still unsure of which path to take so exploration is not a bad choice after all =)

Hang in there!

Haneysa said...

mei yuan!
i need access to your blog pleaseeeeee.
add me

quick babe im missing updates!

brem said...

pray, & do your best..
everything has its pro & con. He knows best..
good luck~