Of Old Times

I just realize something.
When browsing through the old certs (FYI, I’m sorting them, Petronas interview finally this Saturday)....

My one and only sports, is swimming.
*Please jangan cakap duhhh dlm hati*

During form 2 I tried to venture my physical abilities into other field. Then I learn I can actually run long distance! Again thank you swimming for expanding my lungs, providing me with long breath and so-so strong legs (back then not so wobbly I promise you). Hence I represented the MRSM in MSSD Hulu Perak (where orang asli chickas rulez, yeahhhh), and please know I came second last. Ohhh well. Back then I blame the flying tudung that I suspect aerodynamically a disadvantage me. Now I'm digesting the fact I'm simply not a runner.

Ok, kita lupakan juga sport-sport lain seperti netball, futsal (girls+futsal =ayam?) dan anything sorts. My agility is in comparison with big fat cat who loves to cuddle himself on a wool carpet-won't even care to move when someone's vacuum cleaning next to him.

If my parents were to fall for my ten thousand excuses and ill-face I faked to escape swim training, I won’t be counting certificates as I am today.

Thank you mama, ayah.
Oh I miss them now.

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