There are two things in this world that can make me grumpy instantly

  1. By clothes ruined (by others)
  2. My books went MIA (again, by others)

So when I was drying my hair with towel, I usually stare at my bookshelf, doing inventories to identify any missing books. I noticed something not quite right. Not the way it was.

I noticed my books arrangement is unfamiliar. And my Dina Zaman's I Am Muslim is not at sight!

It's not my favourite book, and not very expensive either. I think it's like reading Dato Lat cartoon put in words, in a single oh-I-can-do-everything girl version. (phew that was long.)

But still, it's mine and I did went down from the Tower 1 to Kinokuniya with reason 'To renew driving license'.

Me : Ma, ada orang pinjam buku Haney ke?
I assume that because my aunties used to ask for permission from my parents which sometimes, hmmm... toying with my patience since they never return them!

She said no. I get confused. Asking my brother is like drinking air, but it worth the try.

Me : Awiem ada pinjam buku Kak Haney ke?

Awiem : TAK -ADA.

Me :Ishh, pelik lah. Mana buku I Am Muslim?

Awiem : Oh! Ada-ada Awiem ada pinjamm..


Me : Kau ni kalau pinjam letaklah balik! Ni baca buku Dina Zaman ni apasal? Gf suruh ke apa???

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