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Being a regular Komuter rider and constant KL-Seremban traveller, I'm used to waking up very early in the morning to catch the train and be back at home at night.

Tired is a word I try to throw away from my dictionary.

There are no major worry in the morning usually. Just that I will be so pissed off if my usual spot at my usual coach is taken by someone else.

However after work I have to make peace with myself (and my nose, of course) and sustain myself from being carried away with annoying rude riders that pushed you and pushed you like their live depending on that very train ride.

Secretly I enjoyed that pushing part hence that always secure me a successful spot in the train.

Other than aromatherapy smell that I am so used at the moment, hey, there are more troubled things in the world and I'm not here to complain about smelly Bangladeshi standing next to me proudly exposing his armpits.

Today there was a beautiful, pretty woman looking very pregnant standing while holding the pole and her body swayed side to side.

Around her were comfortably seated guys, uncles, and boys with guilt-free look on their faces. How can they just stare at the lady's bump, I just don't know. Maybe they are more concerned about themselves (like complaining how hard life is after oil price went up) rather than simple 'Mam, you can have my seat, never mind I have strong pair of legs I used to play football everyday'

Of course that never happened.

I tapped the lady shoulder and offered her my seat.

If you think you can pull a guilt-free face sitting in front of very pregnant unstable standing lady, well maybe I cannot afford being friends with you. ;p

If I were to have son someday, I shall make sure he gives up his seats in public places to all ladies, regardless pregnant, age and of course, regardless the ladies are pretty, attractive or not.

8 nosy parkers:

RashiD said...

mcm kat india je bunyi...

Haneysa said...

hahahaha people kat mane2 pun same.
india tak india.

RashiD said...

still worse sini kot.
seen once, dlm bas, org tua kene give up his seat for a college-going teen. "Kasta" nyer pasal..

Hafizd said...

hmmm...bagusnye...anak dara sape nih?? hihi...bau bangla tuh mmg kelakar sgt. very the funny..muhahaha

twisted-lullaby said...

tak update punnnnnn???!!!!????

Haneysa said...

ape lost bride buat kat sini. pegi la do 'married' stuff.


sarah i miss you!

Faeeza said...

heyy! ade blog jgk bdk ni.haha :P saw urs kt puan sarah nye blog ;) btw, used 2 travel wit komuter jgk b4 diz.but sems not laz long :P juz cant stand wit it,so drv la.thr was a similar case hapend 2 me b4.preggy woman but none concern bout her.i was standing as wel.but i askd a man who seated wif guilt-free-lookg 2 get up n gv da seat la! geram btl!ape la diorg ni.ish3.

sarah pahmi said...

hey ni laa married stuff i (while husband is not around), blogging and leave comments kat blog org! =p

i miss u too!