I don't what the hell is wrong with blogspot, or my IE, or is it my pc?
The page keep closing down and it makes me REALLY mad.

I think I need my IT guru. Or my love.

Sarah Pahmi wedding photos still not being uploaded, and for the time being it's impossible since I can only view this page for merely 3 minutes (need to write quick!!!) then it's gonna close down by itself. Me and IT stuff is really-really an ill fated destiny.

More posts to come, I promise!

4 nosy parkers:

Hafizd said...

yuhooo...patot la lame xhapdet...berbulan2 aku nunggu...haha

ok aku nk tgk gak wedding yg grand tuh...hihi

ok...all the best~ nnti hire aku jd guru IT ko~

murah je USD2/hour

Haneysa said...

hah takpe tak payah susah2 haa.

nnt aku upload gambar. sabar.

rashid said...

hoh. ado link den kek sini.
buleh ko den lotak link ekau kek page den?
kalu xleh, sound den awal2,
~k, roger~

[YeOp] said...

hhhmmm.. why not if you try to switch from using IE to Mozilla Firefox or Opera?