The Convocation Ceremony (Part 1)

This year, the ceremony is divided into two session, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Total graduates are around 1200 if I'm not mistaken. Morning session would be for Civil Eng (Fatin & I), Electrical Eng (Fifa and Zaza) and Information System (Ziana and Sara). That means, IT (Zu), Mecha. Eng (the BF and Syed-Sara's new hubby) would be in the afternoon. So that may explains why the pictures are not complete with each and everyone of us.

The event itself was great! Maybe because our number is small, thus manageable. After the event, we gathered outside (where are the clicking and smiling and throwing the 'hard-hats' took place) and lucky we have roof on our heads. Kesian tengok U lain convo panas-panas cair make-up semua. Plus point, we have the city-of-angel-like (according to BF) IRC for background and it was beautiful.

*all photos courtesy of Abul, other cameras on the waaay!

The things is, my pc is heavily infected by virus, so no I could not access my disk C, where I saved all the photos. All photos sent by email only is accessible.

By the way, congratulations everyone!

ps : why do I still feel like I belong in UTP? Hmm.. myb sbb tak dapat offer lagi kot?

5 nosy parkers:

Aisyah Pahmi said...

okay :)
haha, kaklong kan boring, mmg la :P

oh oh, congrats! :D

Haneysa said...


okie thanks. btw sarah mmg boring sikit lame dah nak cakap tapi tak berani.


syncope said...
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Suraya said...

congrats Haney!! :) the nicest feeling kan. hehe . i mean to survive uni and not be mentally retarded. phew!

sally said...

1st:congrats babe~!

2nd:dem!jeles gle ada roof2 sume.manje!(yahh,make-up cair tu sooo tru! =P)