i love my paylord

When mother mentioned the mother-daughter shopping trip is to be canceled since the younger brother is having a friendly tournament with the Iranians and Qataris divers, I just cannot help shoving the disappointment look all over my face.

'Habis tournament pukul berapa Ma?' I'm making plan over a plan. how desperate am I?

'Selalunya dlm tengah hari, nant lambat sampai susah pulak carik parking'

'Boleh je kot? On Sunday tak adalah pack sangat macam Saturday.' Buat conclusion sendiri based on the desperation factor.

Mother is silent. I think she is rationalizing the fact too.

Oh god please, I really need a new style. I think my level of confidence is going into the drain with talks and complaints about my clothes, I am bored altogether.

And I need the paylord, with credit card, together with me.

2 nosy parkers:

Suraya said...

hehehe...if u want a change of style, u hafta have a strategy in place...betull~~ decide before going what u wanna buy cam jenis baju kerrr...and neber eber buy sth u'd normally buy.

cam i ada masalah kaler la..always end up with brown stuff (tapi tak ngaku fave colour brown haha)..so i'd decide not to buy any brown stuf no matter how nice they might look and decide to buy sayyy blue ones instead...so nnt akan berlaku monolog dalaman spt:

"wah canteknya beg (coklat) itiewww"
"eh tapi takleh beli coklat arini. no2. biru2"
"tp cantekkkkk nnt nyesal"
"no2..no brown today. kalau esok ade lg, rezeki la tu..."

and WALK AWAY~~ hehehe.

ur a pretty girl, u'll look good in practically anything! :)

hev funnnn~~

Haneysa said...


i always end up buying somtgh i normally buy, u read my mind!

oh god i pun SUKE gileee brown.even org yg tak jumpe i hari2 pun perasan i suke brown.

tapi brown buat muka nampak gloomy...

yes! kene decide lpas ni TAK BOLEH beli brown.

indeed i baru beli flat canary yellow yang konon2 vintage tapi tak tau bila nak pakaaaaaaaai.