the day my world become brighter (part 2)

I am a reluctant glass wearer (who weren't?). But being me, yang ini tak boleh itu tak boleh according to Zu and Sara, I hate it when I couldn't see what others see.

So today I made (is made the correct word?) lenses!

There was a little scene between the opticians and I during placing both lenses inside the eyes, which almost resultant to a little tai-chi (bukan Tai-Chi Technique). I keep blaming my sweeping eyelashes and the opticians insist on being a little bit brave.

'Cubit dik, cubit sikit kasi keluar'
'Cubit laaaah ni'
'Itu mcm taknak cubit. Cubit kuat sikit..'


I need Fifa ;p

All the time at the shop I recall how Rachel Green was so afraid to put anything on her eyes, and lucky for them, I'm ain't Rachel Green.

Before I left the shop, with both lenses inside my eyes, I make a decision.
Malam ni kalau cubit taknak keluar jugak I pergi clinic.

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