girls, dah ambil baju dari tailor belom?

3 more days to go for the GREAT Convocation ceremony. My guess is everyone picking up their piece of expensive outfits form tailor, final alter-ization, beading (that would be me ;p) finding perfect footwear, tudung, brooches, etcetra etcetra.

My pair of baju kebaya for the Convocation itself is sponsored by dear mama. We went to this small Batik shop owned by Dura's friend. They can help you to design your own batik-painting and customised accordingly. Great eh? And the price is way cheaper than those my mother bought in Arfa batik (which I rejected due to the fact it's orange and orangy is so not me). My aunty (call her Makngah shall we, bukan Merah Makngah) insisted to do some beading (she has magical hands with beads, thread and needle). I happily said 'Ok lah!'

For dinner, I finally made the white-green kebaya the girls bought form Bandung long long time ago. Tak ada budget nak beli kain baru pun, sob sob..

And I have this sweet little black satin and gold sandal of Eclipse to go with it. Upon trying out the whole outfit and marched around the house, my dear Ayah said, 'Waaah cantiknya....'

Well, Ayah, thanks for your brown eyes which I inherited it gladly from you - It compliments everything.

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