rising singer in the making, NOT!

Things have been strolling better in time I guess. We were adjusted to the fact of being in the Marketing Line Slavery and o boy! the adjustment took too long to come that we are quitting in 3 days time to come!

Being in marketing is not like testing the water I tell you. It's not the kind of things you do for the sake of doing it. It's about passion, it's about believing in what you sell, or faking it, and it's about making others to believe in what you yourself find hard to believe. For now let just say I crossed out marketing in my future-career line!

Remember the story I told you about singing in front of people?
Well, guess what, I (and Fifa) were chosen to represent the team for a singing contest (in front of more strangers!) 2 weeks back.
I actually sang, ok.
On stage.
With mic and rotating multicolored spotlight behind my back.
And screaming fans shouting
'Go Haney from Serembaaaaaaan!'
'Haney KTM Komuter we looove youuuu!'
and I was like 'Cheer kampung-style lagi, boleh tak?'
the biggest fan would be Zaza, of course, for screaming her lungs out like a crazy woman lost in Linkin Park concert.
There were also Yam and Farah jumping my names and for a second I almost feel like a Mariah Carey. Also Reen, Una and other contestants who never fails to make cheer me up and sing along.

However, I didn't sing the safe song I keep for emergency time like this, but I sang Barry Manilow's Can't Smile Without You with the little dignity left inside of me.

Till now, my colleague still humm 'I caaan't smiiile withouuut you...' when they bumped into me. Some said when they watched Hell Boy 2, they think about me. Sweet, even though every time I hit the high notes I pretend the mic is not working. And when I forgot lyrics I waved my hands and asked audience to sing together, like a pro.

That was by far, the longest 3 minutes 9 seconds in my life (so far) and thank God I have the coolest craziest friends along with me, helping me to rationalize my croaking voice by blaming it on the microphone.

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