Highlights August


This weekend
1) Sex and the City with the BF. Note to myself : Jangan lupa bawa specs!
2) Serious shopping. Someone at work said I bought my tops at some kind of factory since semua design sama, colour je lain.
5) Azra balik Yogja.

Next weekend
1) Nikah Natasha's Nadzwan. (Excited lebih kenape ye?)
2) Figure out how to spend sweet-first-pay Haneysa-wise.
3) BF supposed start off work, kenape I pulak yang nervous ni?
4) Reen's potluck.

Next-next and more coming August weekends
1) 5 years anniversary. *Grin*
2) Ayah Love birthday.
3) Convocation.

Call me for dates ya hommies, I'm home 24/7 after this 5th August!

4 nosy parkers:

ijad said...

salam... apa khabar...

Suraya said...

ehhh Natasha's bro getting married ker?

natasha said...

yes.. my bro getting married. jomla dtg. hehehe :p

Suraya said...

ishhh tak story! huhuhu~~ ni ur first bro ek? wah syoknyer~~ nak datang!! <--tak malu jemput diri...