i used to quote that the biggest ship is friendship

I always stand on firm that relationship needs effort. You can expect someone to love you unconditionally, without you loving them as much as well. You can not expect one to remain head over heels for the rest of their loving life, with you looking adorable and pretty, idiotic-ly cute, loud and all initial reasons that made him love you.

You need effort. You have to give out something you may hate to give in. The trick is how to balance that, and make it look effortless to everyone else, hehe. (So you look cool and nampak chill always)

Guess what? I personally think the law applies to friendship as well. Expect the other friend will wait for your return after years, and expect us to be like we used to be? Expect that mere hours from years of absence shall erase the gaping distance?

I hope you get what I mean.

4 nosy parkers:

babyish_angel said...

ure not talkin bout us arent u?

h a n e y s a said...

u think?

haha mesti u dah takut!

babyish_angel said...

nahh of coz ure not talking bout us hehehe..kiteorg kan kwn u yg cool.and yesss very understanding.if u knw wht i mean.*wink*

p/s:bila nk jumpa????rambut i dh pjg okayyy.

h a n e y s a said...
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