come November, yet nothing change

2 reasons why Civil Engineering and Construction and I, hardly blend...

  1. I have terrible fear of heights. Meaning kalau kena lompat longkang, kat tebing tinggi angin kuat, jambatan gantung (!), my tummy akan buat exercise on its own (ops tapi bukan yoga, yoga itu murtad ;p )
  2. I do not like to be bathe in the sun. This radiant skin (bear with me please), which I gained through months and months of in-house-quarantine will turn their back one me after just 10 minutes under hot sun. Penniless I can manage, kusamness-I'll die of humiliation!
Ok, dah, 2 je cukup. Banyak-banyak lemak nanti.
(Mana tau nnti ada future employee terbaca ni, bye-bye future job)

Other stuff going on is that, Fifa will be starting off work next month!!! Weeeeee!!!!
Dengar dia complain pasal EE (that's electrical eng) selama 5 tahun okay. Sekali buat Marketing, tapi takpe, she's easy-goer, sure can fit well punya.

Fa, jgn busy sangat sampai CHANGE.

Ok taknak fikir pasal kerja, this Sunday ada big date. Lama tak jumpa Bf, I need another strong word to describe rindu.

4 nosy parkers:

afifa said...

wageniwa wabiduwa iki iki wiii (lily's freaking out reaction)

h a n e y s a said...


i nak buat intervention lah kat each one of us. any idea?

nobi said...

alaa haneysa,kalo dah grade civil,dak civil juge le~ hehe...nway howz life?

sarah pahmi said...

omigod!!! Yeayyyy for fifa! ur turn next! ;)