kenapa prison break stops at episode 8?

Today is moody day. I am whole day buat muka, strike on no speaking term to anybody unless necessary, and I don't know what kind of benefit I get from that. Dropped by 7E for Slurpee and Qusyai made a scene by spilling slurpee kat lantai 7E Paroi Jaya tu ha. I said sorry to the cashier girl, and I totally mean it.

The bf was asking me on how I would like his new room to be decorated. He even said to put on some long cushioned chairs by the window for my reading pleasure. I must say he's becoming cool-er and sweet-er since kerja ni.

And I saw ridiculously cute kittens abandoned at the pool. Btw kenapa orang macam tak ada akal nak tinggalkan kucing kat swimming pool? Bukan ada cafe ke, kantin ke, kucing-kucing tu boleh makan. Need to borrow cages from friend kalau nak bawak kucing balik. But house is a mess at the moment. Takut kucing sesak nafas sbb sini dusty dgn construction work.

Anyway, nnti kucing kat rumah yang sekor ni, dia terasa tak kalau I bawak balik kucing baru?

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Hafizd said...

sgt chumel kucin nih....hehe

p/s: tgh lipat2 baju, then terlayan blog plak.. haha