don't talk about sunshine with me

Stop talking about silver-linings with me.

Stop being so positive, because you don't even hold my future.

Stop giving me hopes, you are not the one who suffers if everything fails.

ps I can always opt to getting married, and live under husband expenses, but I know I can never do that to myself. Just not that person.

pss I am worried that I cannot sleep. I cannot sleep. Tau tak dah berapa lama I tak pernah tak boleh tidur? Last time I was worried I cannot sleep must be the tunggu result UPSR. (Anxious nak exam and anticipated nak balik rumah sbb homesick doesn't count.)

3 nosy parkers:

Hafizd said...


ps kalo kawin jmput eden dtg

h a n e y s a said...

pitya, ye jemput nnt. in touch la 5, 6 tahun lagi. hehe.

afifa said...

chinn!contribute one song for my sis's wedding playlist..remember it's a wedding..somewhere happy