They told me be careful
They said be weary of you
They warn persistence is the fatal flaw,

I find myself waiting
Find myself hoping that you
One day fall into my open arms

But it's ok, you can just call me friend
Even though I mind I'll just take the backseat again
In the end I'm here
In the end just sit and stare
The season change not making way
As I'm just waiting waiting waiting for you..

p/s the lyrics of the song (and the vocalist fray-like tone ) has been haunting me all day. layan je lah orang tak ada kerja ni. and tengah ter-inspired dengan finale Project Runway Season 5.

3 nosy parkers:

sarah pahmi said...

i loooooo shoes!!! eheehe

h a n e y s a said...

flats flats flats.

i suke flats!

sarah pahmi said...

love sarr love! adeke tak abiskn the word.