are we the perfect match?

Today I refuse to listen to my inner-self, that is becoming bitter and all soured-up due to uhm.. (ok lets not finish that sentence shall we)

Since the house is under renovation phase the dusts and sands are like your second skin of your feet. I'm enjoying the luxury of wireless, and blogging with heavily cushioned pillow to support the skinny butt of mine (I love to do that as long as I can remember). And take up new series, Californication with the super hot but lame David Duchovny and shuffling over Bittersweet's Perfect Match. (Lagu ini menyentuh jiwa laaaa)

No, Fa, I tak recommend lagu tu untuk wedding your sister ye!

Today, mom said not ONE, but TWO things that can make me choke on my own tounge.

'Ampaian besar ni tak payah dah la Ma, kita pakai ampaian roda tu laa..' Me said referring to the relocation of ampaian kain when all the renovation mess is over.
'Eh.. nanti korang tu dah ada family, kena pakai ampaian besaaar' Mama said and I terdiam terus.

Ok, lagi satu malas lah I nak tulis, memalukan diri sendiri.

I don't blame Ma, she has no idea I'm on no speaking term with the bf ;(

7 nosy parkers:

Hafizd said...

sape nk kawin tuh?? hehe

babyish_angel said...

i knw why ure on no speaking terms with the bf!hehehe i was there!

sarah pahmi said...

look at the bright side. ur mom ckp psl future! before this tak pnah kan? ;)

ah well, ur "no speaking terms" tu will pass. like always ;p

h a n e y s a said...

tak tau la pitya. mak aku terlebih fikir ke depan lah pulak.

i know why u were on not-being-myself term that night! i was there!

sara, cutepdf tu betul2 makes my day. i dah tension gile dah. (ok maybe tension sbb lain pun ade)

h a n e y s a said...

come on fa, almost everyone left comment here, where are you like always?

amirul farez said...

all hail ipoh's band!
see ipoh is not so bad after all

h a n e y s a said...

ye lah bzr, ipoh kau tu je lah super.

rindu ipoh la, and the memory it brings...