today I paint the town, grey

Today too, I refuse to listen to my gloomy inner-self. And tried to make myself busy (by sleeping?) helping father painting the new room.

I know I'm not bad painter (even the contractor said I have steady hands) so I offered to help a bit. Since I have no old clothes that deserved 'to be painted', Ma made me wear Ayah's old blue coverall and I folded the sleeves, since of course, it outsized me. Rasa macam The Inside Man lah pulak.

Except that Clive Owen crime lady has Cleavage capital C

Well, that is the closest I get to wearing coverall I guess. (read with sarcastic tone)

While painting dengan semangat (kena semangat sikit, kalau lembut-lembut nanti cat kat roller susah lekat kat dinding), I shouted to my father
I : Alaaaa Ayaaaaah! Nak hujan laa, rasa air rintik-rintik!
Ayah : Tu bukan hujan, tu cat lah..

Then I look at my hands, there were a few tiny drops of paint. Yelah kalau kuat and laju sangat press the rollers, mesti ada drops terpecik sikit kan.
Haiya lupe pakai rubber glove!!

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Hafizd said...

uhuk2.. kalo main painting2 neh sgt letih tangan n leher... then abes kne ujan kt all over my face and atas kepala~...


Hani said...

hai haney
been reading ur blog a lot.
my fren has a position in kerteh at business planning section. so if ur interested to do non eng related job pls let me noe.
hes lookng for pet-recomended with no placement yet.


h a n e y s a said...

haah la kene pakai tudung buruk tp dpt pakai coverall. mcm cool. hehe.

eh hi hani! (weirdnye mcm ckp hi kat diri sendiri). thank you for the info. leave me your active email lah cmtu. mine

Suraya said...

i loved that movie! sgt cool. oh C hahahaaha

teringat her line when she sed she cant be a suspect just cos she had double Ds :P

h a n e y s a said...

haah pastu detective asik pandang2 her chest. loser gile.

and clive owen hot gile dalam tu i love!

amirul farez said...

yes haney
lets go to kerteh together gether
hope u get the job

Hani said...

ok sent u the email d. finger cross!

h a n e y s a said...

weh aku taknak pegi kerteh jumpe kau. asik2 muke kau je. group same, kelas same, lemas aku. haha!

got it babe. thank u...

satu perkara telah diteladani sepanjang penantian 5 bulan ini ialah - jangan hope sangat!