i find myself to be annoyingly nice

...because I just made some hotdogs with hotdogs buns and mustard and pickles with lemonade for Qawiem's friends who actually came for a suspicious 'last minute SPM discussion'.

...I companied Qusyairi over Fantastic 4 Silver Surfer and laughed at the jokes as if it was my first time watching.

...rub the cat's tummy (yes my cat doesn't has a name) until he felt asleep (on my lap!)

3 nosy parkers:

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sarah pahmi said...

will you make me hotdogs as well chinn? the way u describe tu MACAM sedap je. sounds like ikea hotdogs ehehehe

sarah pahmi said...

btw, tanak lah tudung garang2. i takut i taleh pull it off