kind of miss u

  1. When you are really tired, you have no energy to even smile or giggle at little bothers' jokes and stories. Today I have to make breakfast, send to school, fetch them, cook lunch, make sure they take their supplements, laundry, housekeeping, send to training, fetch again, prepare tea, prepare dinner, send tuition, fetch again, and my work stopped at 11.30 am!
  2. If you claimed to be a super-multi-tasker BUT u have a maid, that's just cheating babe.
  3. Nasib baik 5 hari je. Malam-malam tido ketakutan and in fright paranoia sbb parents tak ada. I was so scared that I even wake up to the sound of croaking frogs. Last-last tarik tilam tidur bilik the boys hehe.
  4. Hence I treasure the time Suraya (Hanim) came over to pass the CD and we went stalking some old friends! ;p

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Hafizd said...

i am the first nosy parkers~

Hafizd said...

sile refer my blog.. u've been tagged!

h a n e y s a said...

haha pitya! camera tade la.