cheese cake with crushed oreo bottom and fresh strawberries topping

We (as in the sister and I) make desserts quite every day. Last time was Chocolate Cake with extra chocolate topping, Chocolate Pudding, and sampailah ke Pengat Pisang.

Tomorrow we'll be making cheese cake. Yeay!

Btw, here are some pictures during Fifah's birthday at TGI kat tepi jalan tu i pun tak ingatlah nama jalan tu, duh I bukan orang KL ok. Almost a month ago, but since friendship is supposed to have no expire date, uh what am I talking about? Tengok (grab) je lah.

To Zu : Thank you for the email, even tho it took you forever to send me. I appreciate it, thanks!
To Fifa : Fa, we need serious shit punya bonding session.
To whoever physically not there that night : Can make up with us thru real-phone calls, or any effort towards future meeting ups. Sarah exempted since she's not in the same continent.

I sound familiarly garang kan? One of reason terkejut bf away lagi this weekend. Another reason tanya Zu, dia tau.

2 nosy parkers:

sarah pahmi said...

alaa i exempted ke??? jgn laa. ada alasan ckp kat syed KENA balik msia heheheheh

h a n e y s a said...

yeaaaah right saraa.

dah jln2 king street belom? hehehe.