there is a reason why i prefer not to talk to strangers

Like today for example. I waited at Twin Tower Medical Center from 9am to 12.30am with growling stomach that matched the roar of baby tiger. There were plenty of (old) glossy magazines which I read skin to skin, until my neck felt painful from the bowing down reading.

At the waiting area (had to wait for blood test, X-ray, audio metric test etc etc) there were a lot of people. Foreigners, senior staffs, hardly anyone I can hello to. But there was one particular lady (I guess the same age of mine) that physically speaking, seemed relate-able.

It took me hours to say hi. (We were sitting side by side for couple of hours, must I stand firm on my egocentric behavior?)

Then we talked. Common stuffs. Like what are you doing here, names, little background. Until she started to shot some personal questions.

Dear readers. I think it's inappropriate or kinda rude to ask things like

'How many A's did you score for your SPM?'
'With that (not so) many A's how can you get a scholarship from PETRONAS?'

After 5 minutes of introductory conversation, she asked

'Berapa basic gaji you nanti yee?'

Ok, tu belum habis lagi, bila dia keluar hp and tanya
'Apa number hp you eh? Nanti I dah kerja sini boleh kita lunch together'

I don't know the nicest way to say to strangers that I don't do random exchanging hp numbers.

Sikit lagi nak bagi hp number bf. Tapi nanti dia tau apa pulak dia fikir kan
'Ei budak perempuan tu psycho orang minta hp number pun tak bagi, bukannya nak ngorat pun!'

I psycho ke?

3 nosy parkers:

sarah pahmi said...

so u bagi ke tak? haha bagi laa nombor u, just tuka nombor yg last skali hihihi
tp kalau i, i bagi. lps tu menyesal.

Hani said...

see that is why we dont talk to strangers at the first place kan. because kita tak tau how weird can they be.

one time ade one punjabi girl seat next to me dlm bas from KL to Perak. and she was asking me religious things, siap cakap bukan ke kalau tak pakai tudung masuk neraka. adoi.

h a n e y s a said...

i bagi. reluctant gilaa. tapi i tak save number dia. die keja BP kat menara maxis, so chances are slim. kot.

dia tanya cgpa i sekali ok. seram tak seram. i cakap 'ok la. takde lah tere so-so je'

humble tak? hehehe.